Protected Properties

Dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural habitats and landscapes that make the Kawarthas unique.

Kawartha Land Trust works to identify and protect properties that are vital to the health and well-being of our environment, including forests, wetlands, prairies, and other critical ecosystems. By working with landowners, local communities, and other stakeholders, we strive to ensure that these protected properties are safeguarded for future generations. 

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KLT's Office

Our boundaries span across the Kawarthas, from Norland to Havelock.
If you would like any information about our catchment area, please contact us.

Explore our protected properties.

KLT's Public Nature Reserves & Trail Network:

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KLT's Private Nature Reserves:

While some of Kawartha Land Trust’s nature reserves are open to the public (see above), others are closed to the public to ensure the preservation of sensitive habitats.

Falls Property

178 Acres | Donated

Fell Wetland

50 Acres | Donated

Forbes Lane Property

73 Acres | Purchased through donor support

Jones Woodlot

50 Acres | Donated

Killarney Bay Road Property

154 Acres | Purchased through donor support

Otonabee River Wetland

58 Acres | Purchased through donor support

Pipers' Woods

61 Acres | Donated

Kawartha Land Trust Logo Badge

KLT's Conservation Easement Agreements:

Conservation Easement Agreements allow landowners to protect the natural and/or agricultural features of their land permanently while retaining ownership and ongoing use of the land.

DeNure CEA

39 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Elliott CEA

139 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Glen Burn (Howson) CEA

100 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Kidd Farm CEA

195 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

McKim-Garsonnin CEA

90 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Pine Ridge (Hartley) CEA

44 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Schipper (Gamiing Nature Centre) CEA

77 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

Sheidow Farm (Awde-Ertel) CEA

203 Acres | Conservation Easement Agreement

= Public Access.

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