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Get in touch with your natural side.

If you’re looking to visit a new trail to take in the seasonal splendour, or revisit an old favourite, here is a list of Kawartha Land Trust’s public access trails on our protected properties.

While you’re enjoying all the trails have to offer you can help KLT protect the land you love by recording your species observations through our iNaturalist projects, which contribute to our knowledge of these special places.

Take some time to slow down and reconnect with the beauty of the season and all it has to offer. Happy hiking and we look forward to seeing you on the trails! 

See a full list of KLT’s public access trails below.

Explore KLT's Public Access Trails:

Ballyduff Trails

Location: Pontypool, Kawartha Lakes

Once you visit this property for the first time, you’ll keep returning. As part of the glacially formed Oak Ridges Moraine,  Ballyduff Trails is home to a wetland that is the source of a cold-water stream at the headwaters of Fleetwood Creek, abundant forests, and one of the rarest ecosystems in North America — a tallgrass prairie. The property borders the 900-acre Fleetwood Creek Natural Area. View the Ballyduff Trails property page for parking information.

Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island

Location: Pigeon Lake, Kawartha Lakes

Planning a hike on KLT’s Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island may take a bit more planning, since you’ll need to travel to the island via canoe or kayak (docks for boats with motors are installed for the summer months), but it’s well worth the visit to take a stroll on the largest undeveloped island in the Kawarthas.

The island is home to wetlands, diverse forests with art-like canopies, and an abundance of wildlife. There is no shortage of things to see while you enjoy the island’s peaceful trails.

Cation Wildlife Preserve

Location: Coboconk, Kawartha Lakes

KLT’s Cation Wildlife Preserve is a wildlife hot spot. Bird enthusiasts have spotted several rare species on the property, including Golden-winged Warblers. Upland Sandpipers and Thrashers have also been seen here. Closer to the wetland in the middle of the property, there are tons of Leopard and Green frogs hopping along and across the trails. Belted Kingfishers, Hooded Mergansers, and Painted Turtles are regular inhabitants of the property.

Cation Property

Christie Bentham Wetland

Location: Burleigh Falls, Selwyn

KLT’s Christie Bentham Wetland features over 1,200 feet of natural undisturbed waterfront on Clear Lake. The 5 km of three interconnected trails will take you through quiet forest, along a stretch of marshland and through an abundance of juniper. In the fall, the leaves in the forest have been known to turn a vibrant, glowing yellow.

Ingleton-Wells Property

Location: Woodview, North Kawartha

This stunning property, which was donated by the Ingleton and Wells families, features open fields and an orchard as well as upland forests, swamps, and open areas that provide diverse habitats for wildlife. This property and its trails are part of KLT’s Stony Lake Trails — over 10 km of trails on the north shore of Stony Lake.

Bench along shoreline at Kawartha Land Trust's Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve

Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve

Location: Woodview, North Kawartha

Visitors at Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve can hike to the highest point on the trail to enjoy a scenic view of Stony Lake. Want a closer look? The trail winds down to the shore, which features a dock, bench, and boat house with some chairs if you want to stay for a bit and take in the beautiful views.

While the damage from the May 2022 derecho is visible along the trails, as is our staff and volunteers’ work to clear the trails, this forest preserve, with its mature White Pines and Red Oaks, remains a beautiful place to visit and we look forward to seeing it regenerate in the coming years with new growth. This property and its trails are part of KLT’s Stony Lake Trails — over 10 km of trails on the north shore of Stony Lake.

John Earle Chase Memorial Park

Location: Gannon’s Narrows, Trent Lakes

With stunning views of the Gannon’s Narrows bridge and Pigeon Lake, John Earle Chase Memorial Park (JECMP) is not to be missed. Owned by Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW), Parks Canada, and managed by Kawartha Land Trust (KLT), this property, which was donated by the Chase family, has been made accessible to the public through a unique partnership between TSW and KLT. The 7.4 km of connected trails wind through forest, alongside a marsh, and across a beautiful meadow.

Thanks to a joint venture between Buckhorn District Tourist Association, CATTL, Parks Canada, and KLT, bicycle parking racks are now installed at the trailhead for your use.

Large oak tree known as the Viking Oak on Kawartha Land Trust's Stony Lake Trails in North Kawartha

KLT's Stony Lake Trails

Location: Woodview, North Kawartha

The 10-kilometer trail network boasts scenic views of Stony Lake, with benches and resting areas available throughout. The trails are suitable for those with moderate and intermediate hiking experience and there are many opportunities to observe the abundant and diverse wildlife in this area. There are easily accessible trail entry points with available parking located off Reid’s Road at the KLT-owned Ingleton-Wells Property, as well as at Viamede Resort.

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