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Natural Forests,
Wetlands & Wildlife

Learn about your land protection options.
Natural Forests, Wetlands & Wildlife

The Kawarthas' natural spaces inspire awe.

Locals and visitors alike experience the stunning natural beauty of the Kawarthas during all four seasons. 

When you think about the Kawarthas, the region’s stunning forests, lively wetlands, and sparkling lakes and rivers likely come immediately to mind.

Habitat Corridors
Nature-based Climate Solutions

If you own land with forests in the Kawarthas...

…or, perhaps, a combination of habitats, you know how special that land is.

Photo: KLT’s Falls Property was generously donated by Bruce and Ann Falls in 2011 to ensure that it would be protected from development forever. (KLT)

To watch the return of migratory birds each spring, to witness the sometimes ever-so-subtle seasonal changes on the land, and to see evidence of the countless species that call your land home is a gift.

While pressure from development on our natural spaces and the effects of climate change may feel overwhelming at times, we can all work together to contribute to affect change — local efforts can have a global impact.

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Together, we can ensure the sensitive ecosystems of the Kawarthas are protected forever.

Protecting natural lands in the Kawarthas for more than



Kawartha Land Trust has protected natural lands in the Kawarthas for over twenty years. It all started with one landowner who was determined to protect their beloved property forever. From that, a land trust was born.

Your land and KLT.

You have options.

Landowners working with Kawartha Land Trust can collaborate with us on permanent land protection options or temporary projects.

We will work with you to secure vital habitat for wildlife and ensure your forests and wetlands remain intact. 

Explore the conservation options for landowners below. If you have questions, please reach out to us at  [email protected] or call 705-743-5599.

Option 1:

Protect Your Land Forever.

Donate Your Land.

Option 2:

Protect Your Land's Legacy.

Conservation Easement Agreement.

Option 3:

Supporting Nature Together.

Partners In Conservation.

Option 1:

Protect Your Land Forever.

Donate Your Land.

Summer shoreline at Morton Nature Sanctuary. Photo by Thom Unrau

KLT’s  Morton Nature Sanctuary is home to several species at risk. The land was generously donated to Kawartha Land Trust in 2021 by Patricia and David Morton.

Save it for future generations.

Gain peace of mind knowing the land you love is protected forever.

A land donation is an incredible gift to the wildlife and habitats of the future. Imagine knowing that the land you donate will always be a sanctuary for nature.

Together, we can:

You can protect the land you love...forever.

Donating land to Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) can be flexible. You can donate all or part of your land. With special arrangements, you can still enjoy or live on the land after the donation. 

Know that care for your land does not stop after donation. KLT has a dedicated and experienced stewardship team and stewardship fund to ensure your land is protected forever.

Financial incentives to donate land exist — there are capital gains and income tax benefits for gifts of land that qualify as “Ecological Gifts” under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

“We’ve known of Kawartha Land Trust and have long appreciated its work…We have thus seen the trust that other large landholders place in it. We have also seen the planning and careful and caring protection it provides to the lands donated to it, and the diversity of these lands…”

Have questions about donating land to KLT?

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 705-743-5599. We look forward to speaking with you!

Option 2:

Protect Your Land's Legacy.

Conservation Easement Agreement

Glen Burn Image

Glen Burn CEA. Donor Major Donald Howson wanted to ensure the land would be protected for generations to come. (KLT)

Create your legacy.

Create a legacy by protecting your property while still retaining ownership of the land.

Are you worried about the changes to nature that you’re seeing on the landscape? 

Together, We can:

Create a lasting conservation legacy.

A Conservation Easement Agreement (CEA) is a permanent, legally binding agreement with Kawartha Land Trust to protect nature on your property forever.

A CEA is a voluntary action taken by a landowner who knows that the nature on their property should always be given priority today and in the future. 

With a CEA, you continue to own and use your land, can live on your property, sell it or pass it on to your heirs; however, the CEA contains protective rules that must be followed by all current and future owners.

CEAs take great consideration to develop. In some cases, they require a financial commitment from the owner. As a voluntary donation of a right in your land, CEAs are considered a charitable gift. KLT issues an income tax receipt for their registration, following Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.

CEAs are also a critical tool in protecting farmland and working forests on our landscape.

“My dream is [that Glen Burn] is preserved for generations yet to come. Not destroyed and maintained as it is — a beautiful spot, a paradise…”

To learn more about CEAs:

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 705-743-5599. We look forward to speaking with you!

Option 3:

Supporting Nature on our Landscape Together.

Partners in Conservation

Kawartha Land Trust Partners in Conservation culvert lowering to connect coldwater stream

A 2021 Partners in Conservation project with a private landowner in the Fleetwood Creek Watershed to lower a culvert to reconnect a “broken” coldwater stream to ensure declining fish stocks can reach their vital breeding grounds. (KLT)

Become a partner in protecting nature.

Join a powerful conservation movement in the Kawarthas - become a partner in conservation

Our ecologically vibrant landscape is in the hands of thousands of landowners. The good land care of private lands in the Kawarthas affects the health of nature across our region.

Together, We can:

Join a community of private landowners committed to caring for their lands.

The goal of Kawartha Land Trust’s (KLT) Partners in Conservation program is to harness the power of voluntary stewardship actions taken by landowners and recognize their dedicated stewardship of the land.

We believe that KLT can build a robust network of landowners in the Kawarthas. Together, this collective can work to create a future landscape of abundant nature.

Participation as a member requires no permanent commitment and no change to title on your land.

Some landowners chose to participate as a Partner in Conservation to support nature on their property.

However, participation is not limited to natural lands — we also look for opportunities to support productive and sustainable working lands (farms and forests) and to collaborate with private landowners whose land can create community benefits. 

Questions about the program?

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 705-743-5599. We look forward to speaking with you!


You and your land are an important part of a sustainable landscape in the Kawarthas.

Do you wonder about the important natural, agriculture and water features in your neighbourhood? 

Do you own over 30 acres? 

Submit your information to receive a custom map of your property made by our knowledgeable team.

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