Ephemeral Wildflowers of the Kawarthas

By KLT Volunteer, Joseph Gentile Wildflowers make up a significant proportion of the local terrestrial food web. They are species that have evolved to withstand the harsh Ontarian climate, with no artificial rendering from humans. Because of these factors, wildflowers are key to sustaining life in fragile ecosystems and are an [...]

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Your Gift Today can Protect a New Conservation Project!

By acting today, a new property can be protected for you and your loved ones. Do you want to see more land preserved? Are you worried that the provincial government could change protected lands by the stroke of a pen? If you answered yes, then your gift today can save a new [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas with Al Sippel at KLT Thanks.Giving event, 2017 Evan Thomas has been involved with KLT for almost 10 years! In 2012 he was introduced and initially convinced of KLT’s merits by his past Ministry of Natural Resources colleague and then Board Chair, Cheryl Lewis. “I was looking for opportunities to [...]

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