Volunteer Spotlight: Eva Kennedy

As manager of the Southern Science and Information Section at the Ministry of Natural Resources, Eva Kennedy guided a multidisciplinary group working on identifying ecologically significant areas, mapping priority areas and identifying linkages in the Kawarthas in order to develop a natural heritage system. Eva became aware of the work [...]

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A Gift of Securities to KLT is a Win/Win

The benefits of making a charitable donation to KLT are countless – you will help protect significant sites throughout the Kawarthas, create corridors for wildlife and increase the number of sites you can access on walking trails, all while saving on your income tax! David Cation, a Bobcaygeon resident, KLT volunteer and [...]

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Jeremy Carver (centered in yellow) with a group of hikers at the Stony Lake Trails Celebration

Stony Lake Trails 1-Year Celebration

Stony Lake Trails 1-Year Celebration Article by Marnie Clement, KLT Volunteer They arrived by land and sea—well, not quite by sea, but certainly by lake. Regardless of whether they chose to drive, boat or hike to the event, approximately 60 participants came out Saturday, July 8th to celebrate the first anniversary of [...]

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Trail Bingo Card

KLT Trail Bingo

KLT Trail Bingo is fun for kids of all ages!   Download your KLT Trail Bingo Card for your next adventure: Trail Bingo

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Stewardship Day on Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island

Stewardship Day on Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island There has been tireless effort put into making Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island an even greater treasure in the Kawarthas since the donation of the Island in 2015. One of the most exciting aspects of Boyd Island stewardship is in its final steps: An 8km hiking trail system [...]

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Next Generation of Environmental Professionals: Trent University & Fleming College Partnerships

Next Generation of Environmental Professionals:  Trent University & Fleming College Partnerships As an organization that is deeply rooted in the local community, Kawartha Land Trust jumped at the opportunity to develop partnerships with Trent University and Fleming College. The outstanding results of the hard work of the students have exceeded our [...]

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Every Tree Has Its Story: Tree Planting with Kawartha Land Trust

Every Tree Has Its Story: Tree Planting with Kawartha Land Trust By: Thom Unrau, Land Stewardship Coordinator In the Kawarthas, most tree planting isn't done with commercial timber harvest in mind, so behind every tree planted there is a story of people passionate about the land, the environment and nature. It's the [...]

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Newest Addition: Welcome Summer Students

With the help of Canada Summer Jobs and Employment Planning and Counseling, Kawartha Land Trust was able to hire five new additions to our team this summer! Read on to learn a little bit about them: Lindsey Bergalt, GIS Technician Lindsey is a Masters Student at Trent University that began working as [...]

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person walking on a trial

Hike Smart

Hike Smart Hiking can be a fun and exciting form of physical activity. As with most physical activities, there are a few things you will need before heading out to our trails. Proper shoes, clothing and the use of insect repellent and sunscreen will keep you comfortable.  The idea is to [...]

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Big Island - Canoes

‘Tying the Ribbon of Life’ on Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island

  For the past two Thursdays, May 18  & Thursday May 25, volunteers have been working at 'Tying the Ribbon of Life' on Big Island (Boyd/Chiminis) Island. Shoreline areas have sometimes been called the “Ribbon of Life” because so many species congregate on the area where land meets water. Our Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island property [...]

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