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Volunteer Opportunities: Lead Property Stewards

Kawartha Land Trust's Vincent Woods

Kawartha Land Trust’s volunteer Lead Property Stewards play incredibly important roles in managing, monitoring, and caring for KLT’s nature reserves. 

KLT is seeking Lead Property Stewards or Additional Lead Property Stewards for the following protected properties:

Lead stewards act as the main points of contact for our protected properties and keep the stewardship team updated on any emerging issues. They act as liaisons between Kawartha Land Trust and our visitors (for public access properties), while also keeping tabs on trail conditions, species at risk sightings, existing and emerging invasive species, vandalism issues, and much more.

Lead stewards can play an active role in restoration efforts, lead guided hikes, and plan projects with guidance and assistance from KLT’s staff and volunteers.

Becoming a lead steward will put you in contact with KLT’s network of conservation-minded professionals and allow you to connect more deeply with lands right here in the Kawarthas.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Lead Property Steward, please email Hayden Wilson, Land Stewardship Manager, at [email protected] or call 705-743-5599 for more details about the role.

Photo: KLT’s Vincent Woods (KLT)

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