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Check it out – Kawartha Land Trust Properties are on eBird and iNaturalist!

By: Warren Dunlop, Volunteer, Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island Lead Property Steward

Are you looking for a new place to go birding, botanizing, herping, or hunting for your favourite insects?

Why not check out a Kawartha Land Trust property!

Kawartha Land Trust protects 17 properties in Peterborough and the Kawarthas comprising 1,660 hectares (4,101 acres) of important, diverse habitats. Many of the protected properties feature beautiful nature trails and observation areas that you are welcome to explore! In addition to the property details listed on our website you can find the accessible properties online through eBird and iNaturalist websites and apps.

You can also assist KLT through our mission of protecting the land you love by recording your nature and wildlife observations from KLT properties in eBird and iNaturalist. Through this you will be helping contribute to our knowledge of these special properties and the species that call them home!

How to Use eBird ‘Hotspots’:

A number of KLT properties are eBird Hotspots! The easiest way to find KLT property Hotspot is to go to the eBird Explore Hotspots page and search for “Kawartha Land Trust” in the Hotspot search window. The search will produce a list of KLT property Hotspots.  You can click on any Hotspot to find out where it is located, and view the details to see what species have already been observed there.

Once you have access to the KLT eBird ‘Hotspots’ you just need to grab your binoculars, field notebook, or phone equipped with the eBird App and you can head out to explore!

How to Use iNaturalist Recordings:

If you prefer using iNaturalist to record your bird observations, or if you are more interested in observing flora and fauna over birds, you should check out the KLT Projects in iNaturalist!

A good place to start is at the KLT Umbrella Project which summarizes observations from all the individual property Projects. Through this you can access individual property projects from the Umbrella Project.

Each KLT property that is open to the public has its own Project listed on the site. You can join a Project to get updates about recent observations, and compare how many observations you have made relative to other observers.

This is a fun way to record your sightings and if you wish, to participate in healthy competition with fellow nature lovers!


Posted June 3, 2019.

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