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Volunteer Spotlight: Eva Kennedy

As manager of the Southern Science and Information Section at the Ministry of Natural Resources, Eva Kennedy guided a multidisciplinary group working on identifying ecologically significant areas, mapping priority areas and identifying linkages in the Kawarthas in order to develop a natural heritage system. Eva became aware of the work of Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) and was interested in contributing her skills and knowledge to KLT upon retirement.

KLT was already using her GIS and modelling support to Kawartha’s Naturally Connected Collaborative in making decisions about stewardship and identifying potential land so becoming a volunteer seemed a natural fit. Eva’s love of nature was also attracted by the many activities KLT has to offer such as nature hikes, kayaking, and evening viewing of salamanders and frogs. With many of her skills and passions aligning, Eva finds fulfillment as a dedicated KLT volunteer.

Eva’s association with KLT has now evolved into her being a member of the Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Development Committee. In addition to governance work of the Board and assisting with the preparation of grant applications, Eva participates and engages people at many KLT events as well as presenting information and promoting the organization’s mission whenever she can. As a result of Eva’s support in preparing grant applications,  KLT was successful in attaining over $290,000 in grants from Eco Action – Environment Canada, Habitat Stewardship Program – Environment Canada, and Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Growing up in Montréal, Eva went to McGill University and subsequently completed her Master’s at the University of Western Ontario. During her 34 year career, Eva worked in the Ontario Public Service, first with the Ministry of Environment then the Ministry of Natural Resources. She was mainly in the science areas of the organization providing support to evidence based policy. Eva says she is “very fortunate to be able to say that [she] really enjoyed [her] work and was always learning.”

The inspiration for all of Eva’s professional and volunteer accomplishments stems from the resilience and incredible biodiversity of the natural environment. She finds that nature is always offering us new information and she is committed to protecting its priceless value.

“I wish that people knew more about the importance of the natural environment, in terms of a) the physiological benefits one experiences when taking a walk through the natural environment, b) the importance of ecological features and connectivity for maintaining biodiversity and c) the important ecological goods and services required in this time of climate change.”

Eva is not only an exemplary volunteer for KLT but enjoys keeping busy by committing herself to other organisations that are also in tune with her personal beliefs and philosophy. She works with the United Way of Peterborough, Lakefield Animal Welfare Society and events with the Canadian Cancer Society. Her dedication and continuing effort to make meaningful contributions in this next exciting chapter of her life is truly inspiring.

At Kawartha Land Trust our volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do. We feel very fortunate to have a large, enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer base with a range of talents who give us the gift of their time to help us accomplish our land securement and stewardship goals for the Kawarthas and engage the community in support of this work.

“Eva‘s reliability has always been something that we can really depend on.  Eva, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generosity, leadership and kindness. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!”

Tara King, Development Coordinator.

In 2016, over 90 KLT volunteers, who care about protecting important natural areas in the Kawarthas, gave over 6,000 hours of their time to help care for and protect the land you love!

As we continue to grow, so does our need for volunteers to help with our many projects.

If you’re interested in joining our team of volunteers contact us today!

Posted August 24, 2017.

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