Over 18,000 Native Trees and Shrubs planted on KLT properties in 2019!

Trees, Shrubs and Plugs… Oh My!

By: Patricia Wilson, Community Conservation & Stewardship Technician

This year, Kawartha Land Trust staff and volunteers have planted more than 18,730 native trees and shrubs on KLT protected properties and on private properties through KLT’s Partners in Conservation initiative in the Fleetwood Creek Watershed.

More than 150 volunteers joined KLT to help with these projects. These tree planters came out to help in a wide demographic of people including retirees, Fleming college students and youth campers from TRACKS and ME to WE summer camps.

The trees and shrubs were used for a variety of projects this year that include reforestation, riparian zone and buffer strip establishment. They also helped to mitigate impact from invasive European Buckthorn and enhance food source for wildlife.

In addition to this, 2,326 tall grass prairie plugs were planted on two of KLT’s properties.

Over the course of this planting, a total of 2,000 tall grass prairie plugs were planted at KLT’s McKim-Garsonnin property, which has had an ongoing tall grass prairie restoration project for over 10 years! During the fall, volunteers helped to collect tall grass prairie seeds from the existing prairie habitat and filled an entire yard collection bag that will be used to propagate plugs to be planted next summer.

326 plugs were planted at KLT’s John Earle Chase Memorial Park property as the initial steps of a new tall grass project that will replace the existing non-native hay grass species (smooth brome, timothy grass, etc.) with native tall grasses and wildflowers that were once there historically.

Since Tall Grass Prairie habitat is global rare ecosystem (with only 1% of it remaining in the world!) it’s critical that we try to revitalize as much as possible. This ecosystem provides food and habitat for a large number of species including several Species at Risk butterflies and birds and will enhances the biodiversity of an area significantly.

KLT works to maintain and enhance ecosystem health. By planting a diversity of native vegetation that cater to forest, prairie and wetland habitat we are able to achieve a higher impact across the natural landscape.

Prairie Seed Collecting event at KLT’s McKim-Garsonnin property.


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