Christie Bentham Wetland Project

Kawartha Land Trust is undertaking a special campaign to purchase a property just south of Burleigh Falls which contains a Provincially Significant Wetland, forest corridor, undeveloped shoreline and a wonderful trail network which is well known in the local community. If successfully protected, this property, also referred to as the Clear Lake North Wetland will be officially named after Christie Bentham in recognition of the gift she left to KLT. To do this, we need your pledge or donation of support today!

Explore this property through a unique perspective during one of our upcoming guided donor walks! Learn more and register for a walk, here!

Watch a video about the Christie Bentham Wetland property and trails:

Levels of Giving

Thank you to everyone who has already made a pledge! Pledges of support are appreciated at any of our Gift Levels:

Lead Gift:  $250,000
From Christie Bentham fund, this property will be named in her honour.

Forest Level: $100,000
Brian and Susan Dutton

Tree Level: $50,000 – $99,999
– Anonymous
– David Family

Sapling Level: $25,000 – $49,999
Martha Hunt and Rachel Corbett
Ralph and Carol Ingleton

Seedling Level: $10,000 – $24,999
Kawartha Park Cottagers Association (KPCA)
– Chittick Family in Memory of Bob Chittick
– Susan Fisher & Firoz Ahmed
– Nancy Hunt
– Lisa & Ronald Schokking
– Richard and Alessandra Tattersall
– Lois Wallace and Tina Warren
– 1 additional pledge

Sprout Level: $5,000 – $9,999
– Priscilla Brooks-Hill
– Sandra Burri
– Ross and Ann Dobbin

– Mike Hendren
– Kinnear Family – Colin, Cynthia, Tegan & Cameron
– Patty MacDonald
– Marg MacLean & David McCann
– The Morgan Family
– Stephan Ragaz
– Pamela Soper

– Margie Zeidler
– 3 additional pledges

Root Level: $1,000 – $4,999
– 28 pledges received

Seed Level: Under $1,000
– 49 pledges received

– The Rush Family

Christie Bentham Wetland Property

The Christie Bentham Wetland property is currently at risk of development. The property features over 1,200 feet of natural, undisturbed waterfront on Clear Lake. The Provincially Significant Wetland contributes to the water quality of surrounding Bays and Clear Lake and provides vital habitat to breeding fish, birds and Species at Risk. The property is identified within the Kawarthas Naturally Connected Preferred Scenario as an important piece of our natural landscape!

The property also features beautiful walking trails throughout that will remain open to the public upon protection. The dream is for these trails to form part of a network linking numerous protected properties in between Burleigh Falls and Young’s Point. 

Help Save the Christie Bentham Wetland Today!

By owning the property, KLT can ensure that it can be enjoyed by future generations. KLT is currently working with local residents to protect this property forever and keep its beautiful trails open for public use. KLT has made an offer to purchase and protect this property in perpetuity but, we need support to make this happen. 

The overall goal for the project is $1,000,000 to cover the purchase price of the property, the legal and closing costs and taxes associated with the sale, the immediate stewardship needs of the property, and an investment in our stewardship endowment fund to ensure that KLT will be able to continue to care for the property in perpetuity. 

Our first milestone is to have $750,000 raised by November 20th which is the closing date for the current offer. 

At this time of the project, we are asking people to make a pledge of support until we know that we will have sufficient funds raised to go through with the purchase. We are well on our way to achieving the first milestone and look forward to contacting everyone in early November to ask them to fulfill their pledge commitment. 

You are welcome to make a gift to KLT at any time, however, we will not be able to refund gifts if the project isn’t successful, which is why we are giving people the opportunity to make pledges at this time. 

In order to protect this property, we need your pledge of support today!  Please fill out a pledge form and send it to  or or contact us at 705-743-5599. Donations to Kawartha Land Trust are eligible for a charitable tax receipt and may be made by Cheque, Credit Card or Stock Transfer. 

Learn more about the Christie Bentham Wetland Project, here!