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McWilliams Family Property

Stony Lake, North Kawartha

Established 2020


Protected Acres


John & Susan McWilliams

Open to public:




Interesting Features:

The McWilliams Family Property is a 32-acre property located in the Stony Lake area, just south of Burleigh Falls and adjacent to Christie Bentham Wetland. With the addition of this property, the Christie Bentham Wetland is 170 acres of significant, protected land!

The McWilliams property is predominantly dominated by granite bedrock. It is an area of transition and high biodiversity known as “The Land Between.”

The forest on the property is part of a forested corridor which extends south towards Young’s Point. There are many mature trees present, and forest structure is indicative of natural forest succession. Evidence of deer and coyote use and natural processes such as flooding by beavers is also present on this land. Birds such as Scarlet Tanager and Pileated Woodpecker as well as Oven Bird and Veery were observed on the property during breeding season.

The property contains a portion of a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) which contributes to the water quality of surrounding Bays, Stony and Clear Lake and provides vital habitat to breeding fish, birds and numerous Species at Risk.

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