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Make a Pledge to Protect the Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve Extension

Together, we can protect Ston(e)y Lake shoreline, riparian habitat, and forest

Natural shoreline on Stoney LakeKawartha Land Trust (KLT), a registered charity serving the Kawarthas since 2001 through volunteer and donor support, has the opportunity to expand upon its protected lands on the shores of Ston(e)y Lake.

Your support will protect one of the most important opportunities to conserve shoreline and riparian habitat and contiguous forest cover along the lake.

This precious natural land is being marketed as a development opportunity that would put more pressure on the lake’s ability to sustain the people and animals who call it home.

Snapping Turtle Hatchling at Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve along Stoney LakeNatural shoreline is one of the most characteristic and at-risk features in our area, and this particular shoreline was identified as a top priority for conservation through research jointly conducted by KLT and the Environment Council for Clear, Stony and White Lakes, with the support of The Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, in 2021.

With your pledge, we can add 4.25 ha of connected forest habitat and 200 m of natural shoreline to KLT’s protected lands along the lake. Land that would benefit several Species at Risk in the area, including Red-headed Woodpeckers and Snapping Turtles. Wildlife needs connected lands to thrive – to be able to feed, nest, and reach breeding grounds. You can help conserve this vital natural space forever.

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Your pledge will protect more nature along Ston(e)y Lake.

If you would like to make a pledge to support the Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve Extension to protect the land for future generations, please complete the form below. 

Thank you for your pledge. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or 705-743-5599.

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