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Donate to Protect a New Gateway to Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

Make a gift today to protect a gateway to nature.

Blanding's Turtle on a logEstablished in 2001, Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) is a non-government registered charity working to protect the natural and working lands of the Kawarthas. We have before us the unique opportunity to help expand upon the protected lands of Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park.

With your generous donation, you can protect:

  • 35 acres of wetlands, forest, meadows, and rock barrens
  • A growing wildlife corridor
  • Habitat for Endangered Blanding’s Turtles
  • Great Blue HeronVital bogs and fens
  • A Great Blue Heron nesting lagoon

You can help extend the habitat protected by the park and create a new public access point to allow more people to connect with nature. You will protect land that is at serious risk of aggregate or condominium development if it’s not protected.

If you have questions about this conservation opportunity, please reach out to Oriona Rendon at 705-743-5599, ext. 8, or [email protected].

Thank you for protecting the land you love.

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Your gift will protect 35 acres of wetlands, forest, meadows, and incredible rock barrens.

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