Securement Committee:

The Land Securement Committee’s role is to create a strategy to identify securement priorities and ensure that KLT’s resources are protecting interesting lands of diverse features and scientific value. Through their expertise, members offer technical advice, research and recommendations during the planning stage prior to any formal land negotiations.

  • Bill Crins, Chair
  • Barbara Heidenreich
  • Fiona McKay
  • Marie Windover
  • Barton Feilders
  • Andrew Marshall

Staff: Anna Lee, John Kintare and Thom Unrau

Stewardship Committee:

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for creating policies and procedures to order to protect the land entrusted to KLT. A framework consisting of stewardship priorities, mapping, property monitoring and regular field visits ensures that the land is being properly maintained and carefully preserved.

  • Warren Dunlop, Chair
  • David Bell
  • Ham Keillor-Faulkner
  • Al Sippel
  • Erin McGauley
  • Marty Obbard
  • Mike McMurtry
  • David Marshall

Staff: Hayden Wilson

Development Committee:

The Development Committee’s purpose is to support Kawartha Land Trust in building community engagement, organizing volunteers and planning funding strategies.  Both volunteers and funds are required to support KLT’s key goals of securing and stewarding lands.

  • Eva Kennedy, Chair
  • Ronald Awde
  • Marnie Clement
  • John Platt

Staff:  John Kintare