About KLT


Trustees are active champions and Ambassadors of the Land Trust. Trustees primarily support the organization and its Board of Directors in their fulfillment of KLT’s mission. They are responsible for the election of Board of Directors, approving amendments to the By-law, receiving audited financial statements and approving the appointment of the auditor.

The following are Trustees of Kawartha Land Trust:

Alec Gowland
Dr. Keith Knott
Ralph McKim
Bill Morris

Kate Ramsay 
Kate is a Trent Graduate, retired shepherd, and a community volunteer. She has served the Board of Governors at Trent University, the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough and a host of organizations from agriculture to the arts, community policing to conservation, environment, education, children’s mental health and victims of violence in governance or advocacy roles. Kate has been a KLT trustee for 1 year. She supports KLT because she has had a lifetime of interest in environmental stewardship and KLT is the organization best situated for her to contribute time and resources to encourage perpetual protection and enjoyment of key natural areas.

Donald Ross
Dr. Alice Sharpe
Dr. Thomas H.B. Symons
David Young

Evan Thomas
Evan worked in the Ontario provincial public service as a field biologist and manager, and is now an environmental consultant. He has been involved with KLT as a volunteer since 2012 and has participated in a variety of ways including as lead steward of the Ingleton-Wells property, member and Chair of the Land Stewardship Committee, member of the Boyd Island Stewardship Committee and the Volunteer Working Group, providing assistance with the development of the Stony Lake trails, and various community engagement initiatives.

Linda Whetung
Linda is a Peterborough-based lawyer who has been an active supporter of KLT since 2012.  At various times she has served as the Trust’s lawyer, landlord, and as a volunteer Chair of the Development Committee. She has been involved in reviewing and revising easement agreements, re-organizing KLT’s corporate structure and assisting in the transition to compliance with the Canada Not-for-Profit Act.  Linda was closely involved in the Boyd Island securement project, and is currently assisting the KLT Land Securement Committee.

Roslyn Moore
Roz began her career as a social worker, but later turned to environmental work, including environmental planning, policy, and monitoring. Roz began volunteering with the Kawartha Heritage Conservancy in 2005 and is a past Chair of the Board of Directors.  She has been actively involved in the Kawarthas Naturally-Connected collaborative, and is a founding member of the Environment Council for Clear, Stony and White Lakes.

Blair MacKenzie
Blair recently retired following a 35-year career as a lawyer, primarily as general counsel in the Canadian newspaper and communications industry. He has a cottage on Stony Lake, and is currently President of the Stony Lake Heritage Foundation. He has had an active record of community service as a volunteer, and is currently Vice-chair of the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.

Tony Tilly
Tony is a founding member of the Kawartha Heritage Conservancy Board of Directors. He has served on other local Boards (Peterborough and the Kawarthas Innovation Cluster, Greater Peterborough Community Foundation) and campaigns (United Way Campaign Cabinet). He will be retiring from his most recent position as President, Fleming College at the end of June.

Don Gillespie 
Don is a recently retired financial executive with over 25 years as an Assurance Partner with Ernst & Young. He has a B. Comm. from the University of Toronto, a CPA from the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, and has a Chartered Director (C. Dir.) designation from the Directors College. He is currently serving as a Director at Peterborough Regional Health Centre and as a member of their Stewardship, Audit and Board Accreditation Committees.

The following are both Trustees and Board of Directors:

John McWilliams – Vice Chair
John was born and raised in Peterborough and Lakefield and spends his summers on Stoney Lake. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa (BA) and Queen’s Law School. He was a senior executive in the international energy business for over 30 years. He has played a leadership role in governance, ethics and corporate responsibility, including the development of The International Code of Ethics (including environmental principles) for Canadian Business. Among other activities, John is Chair of the International Conservation Fund of Canada and a Director and Trustee of Lakefield College School. John has served on the KLT Board of Directors since October 2015 and is Vice Chair of the Board and a member of the Finance and Audit Committee and the Nominating Committee.

Cheryl Lewis – Past Chair
Cheryl Lewis has retired from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources where she held the position of Director of Applied Research and Development. Previously, she had worked as a Fisheries Biologist in Lindsay. She has been living in Peterborough since 1995. Cheryl enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, canoeing, birding, cycling and fishing and is pleased to join KLT’s efforts to conserve key natural heritage features in the Kawartha region.

Eva Kennedy – Director
Eva Kennedy joined the KLT Board after retiring from a career with the Ontario Public Service. She holds a B. Sc. in Biology from McGill University and a M. Sc. in Zoology from the University of Western Ontario. In her work for the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources and Forestry, Eva held leadership positions in environmental policy, science and information management. She has been an active community volunteer and served on the Board of Directors of the Peterborough Social Planning Council. Eva is currently Chair of the KLT Development Committee.

Eric Howe – Director
Eric has an educational background in economics/commerce and has worked as a senior executive for a number of manufacturing businesses including most recently Fisher Gauge, NEFAB and Nobelgen. He has been involved with KLT as a volunteer for the past two years, including participating in stewardship activities on several properties and attending the 2017 retreat. He has served on a number of Boards, including the Peterborough-Hastings Trans Canada Trail Association Board.

George A. Gillespie – Director

George is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and recently retired from a local accounting firm McColl Turner LLP.  George was born and raised in Peterborough and is a graduate of Ryerson University with a B. Tech. degree in Business Management. George qualified as a Chartered Accountant and with his wife Ann, raised a family of four children and now has six grandchildren.  Over the course of George’s career, he has volunteered on many local Boards including Community Futures, Peterborough Business Development Centre and Fleming College.  George has also volunteered with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants in Toronto and became a Fellow of the Institute in 2016. George is passionate about protecting our environment and he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities. George was appointed as Treasurer of the Board of Directors in June 2019 and is also a Trustee of the Kawartha Land Trust.

Paul Downs – Director

Paul Downs is a former teacher and school principal who became President and Owner of Nexicom Inc. following the death of his father in 1978. He is on the KLT Board of Directors and a member of the Finance and Audit Committee. Over the years he has served as president of several telecommunications associations and chaired a number of committees for different organizations. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfred Laurier University and Master of Education degree in Educational Administration from the University of Toronto.

Al Sippel – Director

Al Sippel spent 32 years working in the Fish and Wildlife Program of the Ministry of Natural Resources. He started out as a fish health specialist, and worked as a district biologist and in policy and legislation development. He retired in 2009 as the manager of the section responsible for fishing and hunting licences, collecting revenues and other business aspects of the fish and wildlife program. He enjoys gardening, bird-watching, reading, cooking, and travel. Al is past-chair of the Land Stewardship Committee.