John Earle Chase Memorial Park

Property Location:

Anchor Bay Road, Trent Lakes, Ontario


Ralph & Evelyn Chase



Accessible to Public:


Interesting Features:

The John Earle Chase Memorial Park is a 400 acre site that was farmed by successive members of the Chase family. Ralph and Evelyn Chase, the last two family members who lived on the property donated the land to Trent Severn Waterway  (TSW) in 1995.

Experts have identified 12 Species-at-Risk on this property.

The TSW, Municipality of Trent Lakes, Buckhorn Trails Association and KLT have been meeting over the past year to discuss how to improve the conditions and care of the property long term. Among the questions discussed are what is the best management structure and resources required.

Ultimately, a Stewardship Fund, as with KLT’s Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island and other KLT properties will need to be established in order to ensure long term quality and permanence for the site.

Based on the activities required long term and the fair market value of the property, it is estimated that an amount between $500K – $1M will need to be raised as a ‘Stewardship Fund’ and the strategy to raise these funds is to engage private individuals, Foundations and government sources.

Volunteers have been helping to improve the trails, with new markers and signage; plant trees, remove garbage, debris and invasive species; and mend fences.

With beautiful views overlooking Pigeon Lake, mature maple forests and wetlands bursting with life, this property is too beautiful not to share and open to the public to enjoy!