Donate Land

There are different ways of realizing your conservation vision and each has associated financial incentives and tax benefits that we can help you to understand. Whatever land you own and want protected in a particular way – a long-held family property kept intact, a vulnerable wetland protected, or a special woodlot maintained for years to come – we can help you realize your wishes!

KLT may accept a donation of property, if that is your wish. We can also develop a conservation agreement with you – allowing you to retain ownership of the property and KLT will continue to protect it, even after it is sold. We help you achieve this through a Land Donation or Conservation Agreement, both offering flexibility to suit the personal goals of your property. Either way, you’re giving a priceless gift and creating a legacy for current and future generations

While you should always seek independent advice, we can help you to understand the legal and financial aspects of land conservation. We’re with you every step of the way!

With your help, the forest, fields, wetlands and shorelines of the Kawarthas will be cared for and maintained for years to come by members of our community.

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