Will you help protect land like the Fleetwood Creek Watershed?

It’s not too late to protect the land you love. Land conservation is an important tool for fighting climate change.

When you protect the land, the land will protect you and your loved ones from climate disasters.

Kawartha Land Trust is building a community of people dedicated to protecting the land so the land can protect you and your loved ones from climate disasters. People like Ralph McKim and Jean Garsonnin, who will generously match your gift up to $55,000!

When you give before October 31st, you can take advantage of this amazing matching gift opportunity!

I hope this amazing gift matching opportunity will inspire you to give as generously as you can.

Chatting with Ralph and Jean, they said they were encouraged to know the land they donated to KLT would be cared for through the stewardship endowment fund — so that it could continue to protect you and your loved ones from climate change.

“This means the headwaters recharge, the prairie grasses grow tall, and the trails are enjoyed by nature lovers for years to come. We hope our donation of $55,000 to KLT will be matched by others.”

By doubling your impact today, your gift to KLT can help care for natural areas such as the Fleetwood Creek Watershed – some of the most important land and water in the region for climate resilience.