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Partners in Conservation Program FAQs

Below, we’ve addressed some commonly asked questions about Kawartha Land Trust’s (KLT) Partners in Conservation (PIC) Program.

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Will participation in the PIC program affect my property rights or resale value?
No. The zoning or designation of your property will not change and the resale value will not be affected. Participation in this program is simply an informal agreement that your land will be managed with ecological and social responsibility as defined by you.

Can I opt out of the PIC program at any time?
Yes. There is no legally binding commitment regarding your participation in the PIC program and you may withdraw your participation at any time.

Will you share my property information with anyone?
KLT will never share your personal or property information with any agency or person outside our organization without your permission. Some information may be collected in aggregate (acres, carbon sequestration, etc.) and shared anonymously.

What commitments are required from me to participate in the PIC program?
Participation in the PIC program involves a property inventory by KLT staff and/or volunteers to assess and evaluate the current ecological and/or agricultural/working land features of your property.

We will visit your property once — the date and time to be prearranged with you — and then create a personalized stewardship guide (print or digital, your preference) for you based on our findings. The stewardship guide will also include details regarding how your land fits into the regional landscape.

From there, you can choose to take part in further stewardship activities through the PIC program, or simply choose to preserve important features of your property based on information in your stewardship guide.

It is our hope that if you participate in the PIC program, that you will maintain a conversation with KLT’s Partners in Conservation program coordinator to share your vision and goals for your land.

Can KLT help me with stewardship projects on my property?
Our goal is to listen to your stewardship goals and to help make them happen, whether it’s work we can do ourselves in partnership with you (e.g., invasive species management, nest box installation, etc.), or applying for funding for larger projects (e.g., wetland restoration, tree planting, etc.), or sourcing contractors for specialized work (e.g., professional foresters for thinning of planted stands, culvert lowering to connect fish habitat, etc.).

Does the program cost anything? 
No. Participation in the PIC program is completely free, but donations are welcomed. Kawartha Land Trust is a registered charity. Donations from supporters like you can help to care for the lands entrusted to us and help others protect the land they love in the Kawarthas.

What kind of land do I need to have to participate in your program? 
We do not have rigid rules regarding which kinds of properties are eligible for participation in the PIC program. Properties >30 acres in size, whether it be a property with some natural features, a property with a mix of agricultural and natural features, or a completely naturalized property, are ideally suited for this program; however, other lands may also be accepted. Contact us to see if your property would be a good fit!

What are some of the possible benefits in partnering with Kawartha Land Trust through the PIC program
There are many benefits for participating landowners, including, but not limited to, the following: more wildlife viewing opportunities, greater environmental resilience to weather events, increased ecosystem services like water filtration and carbon sequestration, increased property value, and government incentives such as tax breaks that you may be eligible for. Sense of community, participating in something that contributes to the health of the region, connections with government programs that can save you money on any work that you may do are also positive outcomes of participating.

What kind of stewardship projects does KLT help support? 
KLT can recommend stewardship projects that will be best suited to your property. From planting a few trees to replacing perched culverts, we can help you plan and implement a variety of stewardship projects. For a partial list of possible projects, visit our Partners in Conservation Program page. [hyperlink]

What can’t you help with on my land?
We’re only able to help with activities on your acreage that benefit the environment or ecology, or sustainable use of working land. We can’t generally help with landscaping around your house, nor can we help with work on your trails, unless there is community use allowed on them. Some activities might be financially beneficial to you, but also must benefit the environment for us to be able to participate.