Protecting Our Land

Land Stewardship

The goal of Land Stewardship is to care for the lands entrusted to us.

The Land Stewardship Team advises on stewardship priorities and best practices. They conduct inventories, protect species at risk, manage invasive species, and develop management plans, policies and guidelines on stewardship activities for KLT properties.
The Land Stewardship Team is comprised mainly of volunteers who have a range of expertise including tall grass prairie restoration, invasive species management, biological inventories, and natural areas ecology and is supported by KLT staff.

Land Stewardship flow chart


2017 Stewardship Projects on Private Lands

Thanks to the financial support from Ontario Trillium Foundation, individual donors and other private foundations, KLT was able to offer stewardship assistance to landowners who manage land in or adjacent to  priority natural lands identified in the Kawarthas Naturally Connected Natural Heritage System. Together with landowners, we planted 18,560 trees, managed over 20 acres of invasive plants and seeded 2 acres of pollinator habitat.

Map of KLT Stewardship Projects on Private Lands


2016 Land Stewardship Highlights

Conducting Inventories:

Plants, Animals, Geology & Cultural Use
o Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island
o Stony Lake Trails

o Trent University
o Fleming College
o Peterborough Field Naturalists (PFN)
o Many skilled volunteers

Protecting Species at Risk:

o Butternut enclosures

Dance Nature Sanctuary
o Monarch butterfly collection, tag & release

Invasive Species Management:

Dance Nature Sanctuary
o European Buckthorn
o Dog-strangling vine

McKim-Garsonnin (Ballyduff Trails)
o Dog-strangling vine

o Garlic mustard
o Giant hogweed

Management Planning:

Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island
o Ecological Land Classification
o Background Data Collection
o Committee Meetings

Dance Nature Sanctuary
o Vegetation Management Plan

Public Awareness:

Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island
o Signage
o Campsite and fire pit removal/cleanup
o Boater outreach

Trail Development and Maintenance:

Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island
o Inventory of historic trail networks
o Development and signing of new trail

Stony Lake Trails
o Ingleton-Wells, Viamede Resort & Private Lands (9km total)
o Planning, layout, marking, grooming & benches

Special Events:

• Salamander Hike and Dusk Walk with Peterborough Field Naturalists
• Tall Grass Prairie Workshop at Ballyduff Trails
• Woodlot Management Workshop with Peterborough County Stewardship