Property to be Protected: Fell

Fell Forest sunlight

The Fell property is on target to be protected by the end of 2019. This property is relatively untouched by human activity and is home to a forested wetland and cattail marsh. Your donation to KLT will help to permanently protect this land that is excellent habitat for a variety of plants, trees and wildlife.

Using the best available conservation science, the Kawarthas Naturally Connected Collaborative has evaluated and identified this 50-acre property to be an integral piece of our natural landscape.

The Fell property lies within a wetland complex and contains a portion of a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) which provides an excellent habitat to a biodiversity of flora and fauna. Mitchell Creek runs through the property and leads to Cameron Lake, a part of the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW). This wetland system contributes significantly to the connectivity throughout the agricultural landscape, and is a major biodiversity hot spot in an otherwise highly disturbed area.

The wetland and forests on this property serve as an important corridor for wildlife movement in the area. By linking together the fragmented natural areas near it, the Fell property contributes to the conservation and connectivity of habitats in and around its boundaries. The property shows excellent natural value with outstanding provincially significant features.

Over 25 species of birds have been observed on the property like the Northern Flicker, Black-billed Cuckoo, Eastern Bluebird, and Veery. There are also a range of tree species that make their home in the property’s significant pristine and lowland mixed forests, including Trembling Aspen, Black and Green Ash, and Balsam Poplar.

You can make a donation today to help protect the Fell Property and more important places in the Kawarthas, thank you!

This property will not be open for public access. KLT allows public access when it is compatible with the long term protection goals of the site and features, and correspond with the wishes of the land donor. Please visit our properties pages to discover which KLT protected properties have trails and are open for you to explore.