KLT Response to Covid-19 Update: Guidelines for Trail Use

The staff and volunteers at Kawartha Land Trust understand how conservation and natural areas provide many health benefits in these uncertain and stressful times. We believe it is important to allow responsible access to natural areas where conditions allow. With your help we can keep some of our natural areas open for access.

KLT Trails Update

In response to COVID-19 and the social distancing guidelines provided by government and public health agencies we have some updates regarding use of our public properties and trails..

At the direction of Parks Canada, the John Earle Chase Memorial Park will be closed to public access until further notice. *Update: The John Earle Chase Memorial Park is re-open to public use starting June 1st. All visitors are required to practice physical distancing and follow the below trail guidelines.

Our Stony Lake Trails, Cation Wildlife Preserve Trails and the Ballyduff Trails will remain open to public access but all visitors are required to follow KLT’s guidelines for accessing trails.

Guidelines for Using KLT Trails

  • Individuals must practice social distancing and remain at least 2 metres (6ft) apart on the trail and at trails heads and parking areas.
  • If you are sick, or have been in contact with someone that is sick, please stay home.
  • If you are subject to a quarantine or social isolation order, please stay home.
  • Please only visit the KLT trails location closest to you to prevent unnecessary travel.
  • Limit the size of your group, large gatherings are not acceptable. At the present time, the Government of Ontario is restricting gatherings to five or fewer people.
  • Leave no trace: please take all your garbage with you and help us keep our protected properties clean. Garbage cans will not be available.
  • Be extra cautious when engaging in recreational activities to avoid injury and/or getting lost.
  • Stay on marked trails to avoid disturbing sensitive vegetation and wildlife, and getting lost.
  • Conduct a tick check as part of your regular routine once you get back home. Ticks are active when the temperature is above freezing.

For more information on KLT trail guidelines and changes to our response to Covid-19 check our website for updates or contact info@kawarthalandtrust.org.

View our KLT Trails Guidelines poster here.