Kawartha Land Trust Trails Update: June 14, 2022

A KLT staff member and volunteer work to clear trails at Christie Bentham Wetland

Thank you for your patience as our staff and volunteers have been working hard to clear downed and leaning trees from our trails that fell as a result of the May 21 derecho.

Here are Kawartha Land Trust’s trails updates as of June 14, 2022.

We’re excited to report that a number of KLT’s trails are now open again for public use, including:

  • Ballyduff Trails (trails open)
  • Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island (trails open, docks now in)
  • Cation Wildlife Preserve (trails open)
  • Christie Bentham Wetland (trails open)
  • Ingleton-Wells (trails open)
  • John Earle Chase Memorial Park (trails open) as of June 20
  • Stony Lake Trails (Ingleton-Wells’ main section is open, with the exception of the connection to Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve, and Viamede Resort’s section of SLT is open)

Unfortunately, some trails still require additional work due to the severity of storm damage. Properties with public access trails that remain closed include:

  • John Earle Chase Memorial Park (likely to open in a week or two)
  • Jeffrey-Cowan Forest Preserve (badly damaged forest, will be closed for several months)

Special thanks to the volunteers who assisted us in clearing the trails for use by all. And our gratitude to the generous donors who assisted with our current and future efforts to both clear the trails and re-grow affected forest stands.

We will provide additional updates on the remaining closed trails as we have them.

Photo: KLT staff member and volunteer working to clear trails at Christie Bentham Wetland on June 11, 2022. (Tina Warren)