Upcoming Walks at the Christie Bentham Wetland

Event Date: 2020-10-26 03:00 pm

Upcoming Donor Walks at the Christie Bentham Wetland | Nature Connection

Kawartha Land Trust is undertaking a special campaign to purchase this beautiful property just south of Burleigh Falls. This property contains a Provincially Significant Wetland, forest corridor, undeveloped shoreline and a wonderful trail network which is well known in the local community. If successfully protected, this property, also referred to as the Clear Lake North Wetland will be officially named after Christie Bentham in recognition of the gift she left to KLT.

KLT is hosting a series of upcoming walks on the property to help to raise funds and empower the community to support us in our effort of protecting this beautiful property. During these walks we will be exploring the land and asking attendees to make a pledge of support to protect this property. Please register for one of these upcoming donor walks here!

Walks include:

  • Forest Bathing Therapy Walk on October 26th at 3pm
    Walk leader Kristina Domsic specializes in helping others build a deeper connection to themselves and the natural world through her business Rooted Heart. Join us as we explore and connect with this beautiful landscape!
  • Walk with Certified Naturalist on October 27th at 10am
    Bill Crins is a well known local ecologist, sedge expert and professor of Protected Area Ecology & Management at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Join us on an educational walk with Bill and learn about what exactly makes the Christie Bentham Wetland so special!
  • Mindfulness Walk on October 29th at 2pm
    David Marshall is an authorized meditation instructor with over 20 years of experience, teaching meditation and mindfulness to a wide variety of individuals and institutions. Join us as we embark on a journey of honing our mindfulness in nature through the Christie Bentham Wetland!
  • Traditional Indigenous Medicine Walk on October 30th at 12pm and 1:30pm
    Matt Levac is an Indigenous Knowledge Holder and an apprentice at Creators Garden, an indigenous led organization dedicated to teaching people about traditional ecological knowledge and the legitimacy of plant based medicines. Join one of these two walks to experience the Christie Bentham Wetland through a traditional Indigenous lens and to learn about the ecological and cultural significance of different native plants and ecosystems.

Please register for one of these walks only as space is very limited. RSVP here! For more information or to join a waitlist for any of these walks, please email Patricia at pwilson@kawarthalandtrust.org.

All walks will follow KLT’s Covid-19 protocols and trail guidelines.

Learn more about KLT’s campaign to protect the Christie Bentham Wetland and how you can help by pledging your support, here!