Protect it before it’s gone. 2018 Charitable Tax Receipt Deadline – Dec. 31.

Event Date: 2018-12-31 11:59 pm

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Dear KLT Donors, volunteers and partners,

I recently read a survey of 2,000 Canadians that found 80% of us are worried natural areas will not be accessible to future generations, and that 87% of us feel happier, healthier and more productive when connected to nature.

We know that shared access to nature is becoming more difficult, which is just one reason why it’s so important to support Kawartha Land Trust (KLT); the only organization committed to protecting land in the Kawarthas.  We remain committed to encouraging the general public to get out and enjoy the beauty of this special region.

So while caring for lands entrusted to us and helping others protect the land they love is our mission, KLT also works, where possible, to create spaces where you can be involved and learn what nature has to offer.  As the survey results clearly show, the benefits that our natural environment offer to the health of our society cannot be ignored.

As I complete my first year as Chair of the Board of Directors, I know how much effort and money is required to further our mandate.  It would not be possible without donors and volunteers like you.

Over the past year, your support has enabled KLT to protect three more environmentally significant properties and develop new partnerships and projects to advance conservation in the Kawarthas (more info here).

Also this year, we have organized more than 25 special events designed to get people involved, provide learning opportunities, and encourage public access to these special areas in the Kawarthas. More than 500 people have participated in these events so far this year.

However, our work for the year is not yet done.  There are four more properties on the verge of being protected.  Your support is needed before preservation of these new properties can be finalized. KLT must still raise $135,000 to establish the immediate conservation status of the sites and ensure perpetual care and maintenance.

I am involved with KLT because of my acute appreciation for the natural environment. I believe protecting and conserving the ecosystems of the Kawarthas is critical to the general well-being and sustainability of our region.

The momentum for conservation here is strong. Although, we compete for all possible sources of government and foundation support through project grants, we depend on individuals like you to make a difference and provide stable funding for land securement and stewardship.

To continue this success, please join me in making a gift to Kawartha Land Trust.


John Desbiens
Volunteer & Donor
Chair, Board of Directors
Kawartha Land Trust

p.s. to receive your 2018 Charitable Tax Credit please donate before December 31st, 2018.

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