A Day on the Prairie – Tall Grass Seed Collecting

Harvesting McKim Garsonnin
Event Date: 2018-09-30 10:00 am

September 30th | Seed Collecting

Come help us pick the seeds of an endangered ecosystem to help in the future replanting of the grasses and wildflowers of our native prairies. Even take some seed home to spread the prairie around! A great hands on way to learn more about this rare and disappearing habitat that once covered a large part of the landscape.

Learn more about this project:
Pluggin’ away in the Prairie – Plug planting on the McKim-Garsonnin Property!

Join us Sunday, September 30th @ 10:00 AM 

Location: McKim-Garsonnin Property

Signup: by email tunrau@kawarthalandtrust.org or call the KLT office at 705-743-5599